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The shoulder and breast of veal are best for roasting. Always buy veal
that is fat and white. Prepare for the oven in the following manner:
Wash and then dry; rub it well with salt, a very little ground ginger,
and dredge it well with flour. Lay in roasting-pan and put slices of
onion on top with a few tablespoons of goose-fat or drippings. Cover
tightly and roast, allowing twenty minutes to the pound and baste
frequently. Veal must be well done. When cold it slices up as nicely as

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Spanish Roast Veal.

Take 1 quart of warm milk, 1/2 cup of yeast, 1 teaspoonful of salt and
flour enough to make a stiff batter; let stand to raise until light.
Then add 1/2 cup of melted butter, 1 teaspoonful of soda dissolved in
a little water; add enough flour to make a very stiff batter and let
raise half an hour. Then fill well-greased muffin-rings half full with
the batter and bake in a quick oven until done. Serve with butter.

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English Roast Veal.

Peel 3 large potatoes and lay in salted water half an hour; then grate
the potatoes; add pepper, salt, 3 eggs and a large spoonful of flour.
Beat well together and fry in hot lard by the tablespoonful until
light brown. Serve hot with a pot roast.

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Roast Veal Stuffed

A piece of the shoulder, breast, or chump-end of the loin of veal, is

the cheapest part for you, and whichever of these pieces you may happen

to buy, should be seasoned with the following stuffing:--To eight ounces

of bruised crumb of bread add four ounces of chopped suet, shalot,

thyme, marjoram, and winter savory, all chopped fine; two eggs, pepper

and salt to season; mix all these ingredients into a firm compact kind

of paste, and use this stuffing to fill a hole or pocket which you will

have cut with a knife in some part of the piece of veal, taking care to

fasten it in with a skewer. If you intend roasting the veal, and should

not possess what is called a bottle-jack, nor even a Dutch oven, in that

case the veal should be suspended by, and fastened to, the end of a

twisted skein of worsted, made fast at the upper end by tying it to a

large nail driven into the centre of the mantelpiece for that purpose.

This contrivance will enable you to roast the veal by dangling it before

your fire; the exact time for cooking it must depend upon its weight. A

piece of veal weighing four pounds would require rather more than an

hour to cook it thoroughly before your small fire.

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Roast Veal

(Arrosto di vitella)

Choose for that milk veal that is to be found all the year round,

although it is always better during the spring or summer.

The piece or pieces of veal can be cooked in a saucepan, slightly larded

with garlic and rosemary, with oil, butter and a hash of corned beef,

salt, pepper and tomato sauce. In the gravy fresh peas can be cooked.

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Roast Veal

The shoulder of veal can usually be bought at the market

for eight cents a pound. Choose a fresh one weighing about seven pounds,

and costing about sixty cents; from this we shall make three dishes,


Therefore the proportionate cost for the ROAST VEAL will be twenty

cents. Have the butcher chop off the fore leg quite close up to the

shoulder, and cut it in neat slices about one inch thick; these you must

sprinkle with salt and pepper, and keep in a cool place, together with

the blade bone, until the next day, for the BLANQUETTE. Have the

shoulder boned, saving the blade; stuff it with the following forcemeat.

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