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Sago Pudding

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

Rinse half a pound of sago in hot water, till it is thoroughly

cleansed--then drain off the water, and boil the sago in a quart of

milk, with a stick of cinnamon or mace. Stir it constantly, or it will

burn. When soft, take it from the fire, take out the stick of cinnamon,

and put in a quarter of a pound of butter. Mix a wine glass of wine with

four large spoonsful of fine white sugar, and stir it into the

sago--add, when cold, five beaten eggs, and bake the pudding in a deep

dish, with a lining and rim of pastry. Strew over the pudding a quarter

of a pound of Zante currants, and bake it directly, in a quick oven. It

is the best when cold.

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How To Make A Sago Pudding

Soak two table-spoonfuls of pearl sago with a tea-spoonful of hot milk,

in a covered basin, for a quarter of an hour; then add a very little

grated nutmeg or lemon-peel, sugar to sweeten, and an egg; beat up all

together until thoroughly mixed, and then boil the pudding in a buttered

basin or tea-cup, as directed in preceding cases.

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Apple Sago Pudding

Pare and core the apples, put sugar and cinnamon in the holes. Take as

many tablespoons of sago as you have apples. Mix it with a little cold

water and turn in as much boiling water as will fill the dish. Stir till

it thickens, then cover up for two hours, and let it thoroughly swell,

then pour it over the apples, and bake about three hours. Sugar and

cream for sauce.

Other Recipes

Sago Pudding

Boil a quarter of a pound of sago in a pint of new milk, till it is very

thick; stir in a large piece of butter; add sugar and nutmeg to your

palate, and four eggs. Boil it an hour. Wine sauce.

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