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(Sandwiches) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Remove the skin and bones from the sardines. Rub to a paste, adding an
equal quantity of chopped hard-boiled eggs, seasoned with salt, cayenne,
lemon juice or vinegar. Moisten with melted butter and spread between
slices of bread.

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10 Sardine Sandwiches

Take half a box of sardines, remove the bones and skin, mash to a paste,

spread on buttered bread. Squeeze a little lemon juice on each. Put two

together and serve with dressed lettuce.

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Curried Sardine Sandwiches

Remove the heads, tails and bones from one large box of sardines. Rub

them to a paste, add a tablespoonful of melted butter, a half

teaspoonful of curry powder and a saltspoonful of salt. Spread this

mixture between slices of buttered bread, press the two together, trim

the crusts and cut into shape.

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Sardine Sandwiches

Cut slices of bread about one-half an inch thick, butter and toast; trim

off the crust. Remove skin and bones from the sardines, lay them

carefully over toast; have ready, chopped very fine, some olives and

capers, mixed together; sprinkle these over the sardines, then a

teaspoonful of lemon juice to each sandwich. Cut into any shape you may

desire and they are ready to serve.

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