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(Vegetables And Sundries.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Boil some eggs hard, put them into cold water, cut them into halves,
take out the yolks, beat them up in a mortar with grated hung beef,
fill the halves with this mixture, fry lightly, and serve with brown

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Savoury Eggs On Toast

4 eggs.

1 tablespoon very fine bread crumbs.

1 teaspoon minced parsley.

A little butter.

1/4 teaspoon salt.

1/4 teaspoon pepper.

1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs.

Buttered toast.

Have ready four well-greased saucers, break the eggs carefully, allowing

the white of each egg to drop into a saucer, place the yolks together in

a basin and beat them, then stir in the bread crumbs, parsley, herbs,

salt and pepper. Well butter four egg cups, fill them with the mixture

and stand them in a flat saucepan containing sufficient hot water to

reach within a quarter of an inch of the brims, (care must be taken that

it does not enter them), and keep the water just below simmering point

for about half an hour, or until the mixture has just set. Prepare four

rounds of hot buttered toast, place on these the whites, which should

have been placed in the oven just long enough to set, turn out the

contents of the egg cups on the top, and serve at once.

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