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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Take about 50 fresh oysters. Place a layer of oysters in a baking dish
alternately with fine, dried crumbs, well seasoned with pepper and
salt and bits of butter, until pan is about two-thirds full. Have a
thick layer of bread crumbs for the top, dotted with bits of butter.
Pour over this half a cup or less of strained oyster liquor and small
cup of sweet milk. Place in oven and bake from 40 to 50 minutes.

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1 bottle Oysters--1s.

3 oz. Bread Crumbs--1d.

2 oz. Butter

Lemon Juice, Pepper and Salt--2d.

Total Cost--1 s. 3 d.

Time--20 Minutes

Strain the liquor from the oysters, boil it up and pour over them,
cover down for five minutes, and strain off again. Melt the butter,
season with lemon juice, pepper, and salt.
Butter a dish, put in a layer of crumbs, then one of oysters; moisten
with the butter, then more crumbs, and continue in layers till the dish
is full. Pour over all the rest of the butter, and bake for a quarter
of an hour. Serve at once.

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To each 30 oysters use 1-1/2 cups thick cream sauce page 35. Put
oysters with liquor into shallow pan over quick fire and boil about
one minute or until edges curl, and add cream sauce, stirring; until
Or put on oysters with 1 tablespoon butter; when cooked add 1
tablespoon flour which has been mixed with little cold water; add 1/2
cup milk, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/8 teaspoon pepper. Worcestershire
sauce may be added if desired. Boil 1 minute and serve on thin squares
of toasted bread, garnish with parsley.

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From MRS. ISABELLA LANING CANDEE, of Illinois, Alternate Lady Manager.
This amusing and appetizing dish is easily made. Take large fine
oysters and drain them well, and season with salt and pepper, and a
drop of lemon juice if desired. Cut fat bacon into very thin, even
slices, and wrap each oyster in a slice of bacon, fastening securely
with a wooden skewer--a toothpick will do. Two cloves can be inserted
at one end of the roll to simulate _ears_. Have the frying pan
very hot, and cook the little pigs until the bacon crisps. Serve
immediately upon small pieces of toast.

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Scalloped Oysters

Roll the crackers, line the baking dish with butter; put the oysters,

with a few cloves, salt and pepper, in a stewpan for say five minutes,

but do not let them boil. Put a layer of oysters in the baking dish,

then a layer of crackers, and so on, having the crackers on top. Bake

twenty minutes.

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Scalloped Oysters

What will not luxury taste? Earth, sea, and air,

Are daily ransack'd for the bills of fare.


Stew the oysters slowly in their own liquor for two or three minutes,

take them out with a spoon, beard them, and skim the liquor, put a bit

of butter into a stewpan; when it is melted, add as much fine

breadcrumbs as will dry it up; then put to it the oyster liquor, and

give it a boil up; put the oysters into scallop shells that you have

buttered, and strewed with breadcrumbs, then a layer of oysters, then

breadcrumbs, and then again oysters; moisten it with the oyster liquor,

cover them with breadcrumbs, put about half a dozen little bits of

butter on the top of each, and brown them in a Dutch oven.

Essence of anchovy, ketchup, cayenne, grated lemon-peel, mace, and other

spices are added by those who prefer piquance to the genuine flavor of

the oyster.

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Escalloped Oysters

Sprinkle a buttered dish with cracker crumbs, then put in a layer of

oysters, some bits of butter, a little pepper and salt, and so on

until the dish is full, leaving crumbs and butter on top. Pour over

the top a little milk. Bake until of a light brown.

* * *

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Scalloped Oysters

Scalloped oysters make a fine supper dish on a cold night, and there are

several ways they can be prepared. The one I like best I will give

first. The child should butter a number of thin slices of bread and

spread on the bottom of a dripping-pan, laying on next a layer of

oysters, with pepper and salt; then another layer of the thin buttered

bread, another layer of oysters, and the top finished with a layer of

bread, well seasoned. Over the whole pour the oyster juice and one-half

cupful of milk. This will require from twenty to twenty-five minutes in

a hot oven, when the bread on top will be toasted crisp. Many people

like scalloped oysters prepared with crackers, and in that case the

rolled cracker-crumbs are used instead of the bread, but the taste of

the two dishes is different.

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