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Solid Syllabub

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Half a pint of white wine, a wine-glass of brandy, the peel of a lemon

grated and the juice, half a pound of powdered loaf-sugar, and a pint of

cream. Stir these ingredients well together; then dissolve one ounce of

isinglass in half a pint of water; strain it; and when cool add it to

the syllabub, stirring it well all the time; then put it in a mould. It

is better made the day before you want it.

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Solid Syllabub

Soak an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine twenty minutes in three-quarters of a

pint of water, add the juice and peel of two large lemons, a quarter of

a pint of sherry, five or six ounces of lump sugar; boil the above two

minutes, then pour upon it a pint of warm cream, stir it quickly till it

boils, then strain and stir till it thickens, and pour it into moulds.

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