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Spinach Salad

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Take two dozen heads of spinach, season with salt and pepper, put in

salad dish and set away on ice. Take the yolks of three hard boiled

eggs, mash fine, add mustard, salt, pepper, a tablespoonful of melted

butter. Mix thoroughly, add vinegar and pour over the spinach. Garnish

with hard boiled eggs sliced.

Other Recipes

Spinach Salad

Drain and finely chop one-fourth cup cooked spinach. Season with salt,

pepper, lemon juice, and melted butter. Pack solidly in an individual

mould, chill, remove from mould, and arrange on a thin slice of cooked

tongue cut in circular shape. Garnish base of mould with wreath of

parsley and top with sauce tartare.

Sauce Tartare.--To one tablespoon mayonnaise dressing add

three-fourths teaspoon finely chopped capers, pickles, olives, and

parsley, having equal parts of each.

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