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(EntrÉes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Press through a ricer sufficient hot baked sweet potatoes to measure one
pint. Place over the fire. Add one teaspoon of butter or drippings, the
beaten yolks of two eggs, pepper and salt to taste, and beat well with a
fork until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Cool slightly, form
into cones, roll in fine bread crumbs; dip in beaten eggs, roll again in
crumbs and fry in hot oil or fat.

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To 1 pint of hot mashed potatoes, or cold boiled ones may be used,
squeezed through a fruit press; add 1 tablespoon of butter, pinch of
salt, 2 eggs, whites beaten separately. When cool, form into small
cone-shapes, dip in bread crumbs, then into egg, then into crumbs
again, and fry in deep fat. Drain on paper and serve on platter
garnished with parsley.

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Sweet Potato Croquettes

Three medium-sized potatoes baked and mashed very fine and beaten to a

cream with one generous tablespoonful of butter, three tablespoonfuls of

cream, one teaspoonful of sugar, a little salt, one teaspoonful of lemon

juice, a saltspoonful of cinnamon and one egg yolk beaten very light,

and add at the last the white of egg whipped to a stiff froth. Form into

cones or cylinders, dip in beaten egg and bread crumbs and fry in

boiling fat. Drain on kitchen paper, sift a little sugar over them and

serve at once.

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