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(Pastry.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Make a very rich light puff paste, and roll it out to half an inch of
thickness; it should be cut with fluted paste-cutters, lightly baked,
and the centre scooped out afterwards, and the sweetmeat or jam
inserted; a pretty dish of pastry may be made by cutting the paste in
ribbons of three inches in length, and one and a half in width; bake
them lightly, and pile them one upon another, with jam between each,
in the form of a cone.

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Roll puff paste one-eighth of an inch thick; cut it into squares; turn
the points together into the middle and press slightly to make them
stay. Bake until thoroughly done; place a spoonful of jam in the centre
of each; cover the jam with meringue and brown the meringue in a quick
By brushing the top of the paste with beaten egg, diluted with one
teaspoon of water, a glazed appearance may be obtained.

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If canned fruit is used, take a large can of any kind of fruit, drain
all the syrup off and put in a saucepan with an equal quantity of sugar.
Cook until it forms a syrup, then pour in the fruit, which has been
stoned (if necessary), and cook until the whole is a syrupy mass.
If fresh fruit is used, put on two parts of sugar to one of water and
cook until syrupy, then add the fruit, which has been peeled, sliced and
stoned, and cook until the whole is a thick, syrupy mass.
Line the patty cases or plain muffin rings with the puff paste. Put a
spoonful or two of the fruit in each one and bake a nice brown. Peaches,
white cherries, Malaga grapes, huckleberries and apples make nice
One large can California fruit fills twelve tartlets.

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Take some Madeleine cakes and scoop them out to form baskets. Fill these
with stoned cherries both white and black that you have soaked in a good
liqueur--cherry brandy is the best but you may use maraschino. Place two
long strips of angelica across the top and where these intersect a very
fine stoned cherry.
[_Pour la Patrie._]

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Cherry Tartlets

1 pound cherries.

1/4 pound white sugar.

1/2 pint water.

Short paste.

Place the sugar and water in an enamelled stewpan over a gentle heat;

remove the stalks, and place the cherries in this syrup; boil gently

until tender, removing the scum as it rises. Have ready one dozen little

tartlet tins, line them with the paste, bake for ten minutes, then fill

them with cherries and a little syrup, and finish baking.

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Paste For Very Small Tartlets

Take an egg or more, and mix it with some flour; make a little ball as

big as a tea-cup; work it with your hands till it is quite hard and

stiff; then break off a little at a time as you want it, keeping the

rest of the ball under cover of a basin, for fear of its hardening or

drying too much. Roll it out extremely thin; cut it out, and make it up

in what shape you please, and harden them by the fire, or in an oven in

a manner cold. It does for almonds or cocoa-nut boiled up in syrup rich,

or any thing that is a dry mixture, or does not want baking.

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