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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Scald the tea-pot. Allow one teaspoon of tea to each person, and one
extra. When the water boils, pour off the water with which the pot was
scalded, put in the tea, and pour boiling water over it. Let it draw
three minutes. Tea should never be allowed to remain on the leaves. If
not drunk as soon as it is drawn, it should be poured off into another
hot tea-pot, or into a hot jug, which should stand in hot water.

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Yorkshire Steaks

Fry in butter several small tenderloin steaks, with two onions sliced
and one cucumber sliced. When well browned add a pint of stock, salt,
pepper and cayenne and one teaspoonful of made mustard. Simmer an hour
or longer.

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Throw into a saucepan a piece of fat the size of an egg, with two
or three onions sliced, let them brown; add a little gravy, flour, a
little vinegar, a spoonful of mustard, and a little cayenne pepper,
boil it and serve with the steaks.

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Chop up some onions, throw them into a saucepan with a bit of
clarified fat, let them fry till brown, then add pepper, salt, a
little gravy, mustard, lemon juice, and vinegar; boil it all, and pour
over the steaks.

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Take a fine thick steak, half fry it, then flour and place it in a
stewpan with a little good beef gravy, season with cayenne pepper and
salt, when it has simmered for about ten minutes, add a quarter of a
hundred good chesnuts, peeled and the inner skin scraped off, let them
stew with the steak till well done, this is a very nice dish, a little
Espagnole sauce heightens the flavor.

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Put a fine steak in a stewpan with a large piece of clarified suet
or fat, and a couple of onions sliced, let the steak fry for a few
minutes, turning it several times; then cover the steak with gravy,
or even water will answer the purpose, with a tea-cup full of button
onions, or a Spanish onion sliced, a little lemon peel, pepper, salt,
and a little allspice; simmer till the steak is done, when the steak
must be removed and the gravy be carefully skimmed, then add to it a
little browning and a spoonful of mushroom ketchup; the steak must
be kept on a hot stove or returned to the stewpan to warm up. If the
gravy is not thick enough, stir in a little flour.

Stew about five pounds of brisket of beef in sufficient water to
cover, season with allspice, pepper, salt, and nutmeg, and when nearly
done, add four large onions cut in pieces and half a pound of raisins
stoned, let them remain simmering till well done; and just before
serving, stir in a tea-spoonful of brown sugar and a table spoonful of

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Take a pound-cake, cut it in slices about half an inch in thickness,
spread each slice with jam or preserve, then replace them to the
original form; cover the cake with whites of eggs and sugar, whisked
to a froth, and set it in a cool oven to dry.

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Take ten or twelve fine baking apples, peel and take out the cores,
and let them simmer in milk and water; when soft drain them, and beat
them up with a wooden fork, with half an ounce of dissolved isinglass,
white sifted sugar, sufficient to sweeten, and grated lemon peel. Put
the mixture, when perfectly smooth, into a mould, set it in ice or
a very cool place, when it is turned out it should be covered with a
fine custard.

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Take half-a-pound of flour, three ounces of which are to be put aside
for rolling out the cakes, the other five ounces, with a quarter of
a pound of fresh butter, are to be set before the fire for a few
minutes; after which mix with it half a pound of sugar, a quarter of a
pound of sweet almonds, chopped fine, and a couple of eggs; make these
ingredients into thin cakes, and strew over them ground almonds and
white sugar, and bake in a brisk oven.

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Cut one pound of fleshy beef in dice, or thin slices, simmer for a
short time without water, to extract the juices, then add, by degrees,
one quart of water, a little salt, a piece of lemon peel, and a
sprig of parsley, are the only necessary seasonings; if the broth is
required to be stronger put less water.

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Cut two pounds of beef steaks into large collops, fry them quickly
over a brisk fire, then place them in a dish in two or three layers,
strewing between each, salt, pepper, and mushroom powder; pour over a
pint of strong broth, and a couple of table-spoonsful of Harvey-sauce;
cover with a good beef suet paste, and bake for a couple of hours.
The most delicate manner of preparing suet for pastry is to clarify
it, and use it as butter; this will be found a very superior method
for meat pastry.

Trim straitly about six ounces of savoy biscuits, so that they may fit
closely to each other; line the bottom and sides of a plain mould with
them, then fill it with a fine cream made in the following manner: put
into a stewpan three ounces of ratafias, six of sugar, the grated rind
of half an orange, the same quantity of the rind of a lemon, a small
piece of cinnamon, a wine-glass full of good maraschino, or fine
noyeau, one pint of cream, and the well beaten yolks of six eggs; stir
this mixture for a few minutes over a stove fire, and then strain it,
and add half a pint more cream, whipped, and one ounce of dissolved
isinglass. Mix the whole well together, and set it in a basin imbedded
in rough ice; when it has remained a short time in the ice fill the
mould with it, and then place the mould in ice, or in a cool place,
till ready to serve.

Line a jelly mould with fine picked strawberries, which must first be
just dipped into some liquid jelly, to make them adhere closely, then
fill the mould with some strawberry cream, prepared as follows: take
a pottle of scarlet strawberries, mix them with half a pound of white
sugar, rub this through a sieve, and add to it a pint of whipped
cream, and one ounce and a half of dissolved isinglass; pour it into
the mould, which must be immersed in ice until ready to serve, and
then carefully turned out on the dish, and garnished according to

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