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To Boil Rice

(Vegetables) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Have plenty of salted water, with the juice of a lime in it. When
boiling add rice that has been washed in three waters. Boil fast for
sixteen minutes. Try a grain, and if done dash in a glass of cold
water. Drain at once through a colander. Cover with a cloth and let
stand by the fire for a few minutes, shaking up the colander once or
twice. This will make every grain separate.

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Wash the rice well in two or three waters; have a large saucepan on the
fire full of boiling water seasoned with salt. Throw in the rice and
boil very quickly for five or six minutes. Take up a grain, and if it
feels quite soft it is done; if not, boil another minute. Strain off
the water and pour over it some clean hot water to separate the grains.
If required immediately, put it back in the saucepan and toss over the
fire till dry. If not, spread it on a sieve or dish and dry on the
stove, covered with a cloth, or in the oven with the door open.

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To Boil Rice


Have enough boiling water with a pinch of salt to more than cover the

rice, boil for twenty minutes, do not stir, strain through a collander

when cooked, and serve.

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This Is The Way To Boil Rice

I recommend you to buy Patna rice, as it is the cheapest; it is best to

soak it in water over-night, as it then requires less time to boil it,

and moreover, when soaked, the rice becomes lighter, from the fact that

the grains separate more readily while boiling. Put the rice on to boil

in plenty of cold water, stirring it from the bottom of the saucepan

occasionally while it is boiling fast; when the grains separate at the

ends, and thus appear to form the letter X, the rice will be done; it

requires about half an hour's gentle boiling. When the rice is done,

drain it in a colander, and place it before the fire, stirring it now

and then with a fork.

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To Boil Rice Plain

Wash half a cupful of rice, drain from the water, have on the fire a

very large saucepan nearly full of salted boiling water. Turn the rice

into this and boil hard for twenty minutes, pour all into a colander,

drain well, and put the rice in a smaller saucepan on the back of the

stove, where it will be kept warm, without cooking, until all the

moisture has evaporated. Then serve.

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To Boil Rice A Black Man's Recipe

As rice is so often badly cooked, we make no apology for giving the

black man's celebrated recipe. Although he does not recommend a little

salt in the water, we think that a small quantity should always be used,

even when the rice has to be served as a sweet dish. "Wash him well,

much wash in cold water, rice flour, make him stick. Water boil all

ready, very fast. Shove him in; rice can't burn, water shake him too

much. Boil quarter of an hour or little more. Rub one rice in thumb and

finger; if all rub away him quite done. Put rice in colander, hot water

run away. Pour cup of cold water on him, put back in saucepan, keep him

covered near the fire, then rice all ready. Eat him up."

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