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(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

The loin of veal is the best piece for roasting. The breast and rack are

good roasted. The breast also is good made into a pot pie, and the rack

cut into small pieces and broiled. The leg is nice for frying, and when

several slices have been cut off for cutlets, the remainder is nice

boiled with a small piece of salt pork. Veal for roasting should be

salted, peppered, and a little butter rubbed on it, and basted

frequently. Put a little water in the dripping pan, and unless the meat

is quite fat, a little butter should be put in. The fillet is good

baked, the bone should be cut out, and the place filled with a dressing,

made of bread soaked soft in cold water, a little salt, pepper, a couple

of eggs, and a table spoonful of melted butter put in--then sew it up,

put it in your bake pan, with about a pint of water, cover the top of

the meat with some of the dressing. When baked sufficiently, take it up,

thicken the gravy with a little flour and water well mixed, put in a

small piece of butter, and a little wine and catsup, if you like the

gravy rich.

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Have equal quantities of finely shred suet and grated crumbs of bread,
add chopped sweet herbs, grated lemon peel, pepper, and salt, pound it
in a mortar; this is also used for white poultry, with the addition
of a little grated smoked beef, or a piece of the root of a tongue
pounded and mixed with the above ingredients.

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Take four or five pounds of breast of veal, or fillet from the
shoulder; stuff it with a finely flavoured veal stuffing and put it
into a stewpan with water sufficient to cover it, a calf's-foot cut
in pieces is sometimes added, season with one onion, a blade of mace,
white pepper and salt, and a sprig of parsley, stew the whole gently
until the meat is quite tender, then skim and strain the gravy and
stir in the beaten yolks of four eggs, and the juice of two lemons
previously mixed smoothly with a portion of the gravy, button
mushrooms, or pieces of celery stewed with the veal are sometimes
added by way of varying the flavor, egg and forcemeat balls garnish
the dish. When required to look elegant it should be piqué.

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This is a very fine and nutritious dish; cut from the bones of a
breast of veal the tendons which are round the front, trim and blanch
them, put them with slices of smoked beef into a stewpan with some
shavings of veal, a few herbs, a little sliced lemon, two or three
onions, and a little broth; they must simmer for seven or eight hours;
when done, thicken the gravy and add white wine and mushrooms and
egg-balls; a few peas with the tendons will be found excellent, a
piece of mint and a little white sugar will then be requisite.

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Take a piece from the shoulder, about three to four pounds, trim it
and form it into a well shaped even piece, the surface of which should
be quite smooth; _piqué_ it thickly, put it into a stewpan with a
couple of onions, a carrot sliced, sweet herbs, two or three bay
leaves, a large piece of _chorissa_ or a slice of the root of a tongue
smoked, a little whole pepper and salt; cover it with a gravy made
from the trimmings of the veal, and stew till extremely tender, which
can be proved by probing it with a fine skewer, then reduce part of
the gravy to a glaze, glaze the meat with it and serve on a _pureé_ of

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Remove the bones, gristle, &c., from a nice piece of veal, the breast
is the best part for the purpose; season the meat well with chopped
herbs, mace, pepper, and salt, then lay between the veal slices of
smoked tongue variegated with beetroot, chopped parsley, and hard
yolks of eggs, roll it up tightly in a cloth, simmer for some hours
till tender; when done, it should have a weight laid on it to press
out the liquor.

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Cut a breast of veal into pieces, fry lightly with a chopped onion,
then rub the veal over with currie powder, put it into a good gravy of
veal and beef, season simply with pepper, salt, and lemon juice.
Fowls curried are prepared in the same way.

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Cut into thin pieces of the size of shillings and half crowns, cold
veal or poultry, lay it in a small saucepan with a handful of fresh
well cleaned button mushrooms, pour over a little veal gravy, only
enough to cover them, with a piece of clarified veal fat about the
size of the yolk of a hard boiled egg; flavor with a piece of lemon
peel, very little white pepper and salt, one small lump of white
sugar, and a little nutmeg, stew all together for fifteen minutes,
then pour over a sauce prepared in a separate saucepan, made with veal
gravy, a little lemon juice, but not much, and the beaten yolks of two
eggs, let it simmer for an instant and then serve it up in the centre
of a dish prepared with a wall of mashed potatoes, delicately browned;
a few truffles renders this dish more elegant.

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Cut in small square pieces about the size of dice, cold dressed veal,
put it into a saucepan with a little water or gravy, season simply
with salt, pepper, and grated or minced lemon peel, the mince should
be garnished with sippets of toast.

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Mince finely some cold veal or poultry, add a little grated tongue,
or smoked beef, a few crumbs of bread, sweet herbs, pepper, salt,
parsley, and if approved, essence of lemon, mix all well with two or
three eggs, and a very small quantity of good gravy; grease a mould,
put in the above ingredients and bake for three-quarters of an hour;
turn out with care, and serve with mushroom sauce.

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Take a fine fat thick breast of veal, bone it, lay it in pickle,
according to the receipt to salt meat, hang it for three or four weeks
in wood-smoke, and it will prove a very fine savoury relish, either
boiled and eaten cold, or fried as required.

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