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Veal And Ham Pie

(Armour's Monthly Cookbook)

Cut one and one half pounds of veal into thin slices, also one pound of

Armour's Star Ham. Season the veal highly with pepper and salt, with

which cover the bottom of roaster. Lay upon this a few slices of ham,

then the remainder of the veal and finish with the ham. Add one pint of

water in which one teaspoon of Armour's Extract of Beef has been

dissolved. Bake one hour. Thirty minutes before serving cover with good


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Veal And Ham Pie

Take two pounds of veal cutlets, or the best end of the neck, cut them

in pieces about half the size of your hand, seasoned with pepper and a

very little salt, and some dressed ham in slices. Lay them alternately

in the dish with forcemeat or sausage meat, the yolks of three eggs

boiled hard, and a gill of water.

Other Recipes

Veal And Ham Pie

Prepare the crust as for a pork pie. Cut a pound of veal cutlet and a

quarter of a pound of ham into dice, season with a teaspoonful of salt

and another of black pepper, put the meat into the crust, and finish as

for pork pie. Add a quarter of an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine--previously

soaked in cold water, and then dissolved--to a teacupful of gravy made

from the veal trimmings.

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