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Veal And Rice

(Cheap Fish And Meat Dinners.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Put the scrag end of a neck of veal, which you can

usually buy for ten cents, into a pot half full of boiling water, with a

half tablespoonful of salt, and half a pound of bacon, or salt pork,

(cost six cents,) half a pound of rice, (cost five cents,) and an onion

stuck with six cloves; boil it gently for three hours, and then serve it

hot, the meat in the middle of the platter, and the rice laid around it.

The broth may be served for breakfast, as in the receipt for MUTTON AND


The dinner will cost about twenty cents.

Other Recipes

Knuckle Of Veal And Rice

A small knuckle, or scrag-end of neck of veal, is sometimes to be

purchased very cheap; I will therefore suppose that you may, once in a

way, provide such a thing, and this is the way you should cook it to the

best advantage. Put the knuckle of veal into a boiling pot, with a pound

of bacon, two pounds of rice, six onions, three carrots cut in pieces,

some peppercorns, and salt in moderation on account of the bacon; add

three or four quarts of water, and set the whole to stew very gently

over a moderate fire for about three hours. This will produce a good

substantial dinner for at least ten persons.

Other Recipes

Veal And Rice Broth

Cut up one pound and a-half of knuckle of veal, and put it on to boil in

a saucepan with a quart of water, four ounces of rice, a small sprig of

thyme, and a little parsley; season with a few peppercorns and a little

salt; boil very gently for two hours.

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