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Knuckle of Veal

Peppercorns and Vegetables

Total Cost--10d.

The butcher should chop the bones very small. Cut the meat across in
several places, lay it in a very clean stock pot, cover well with cold
water, and bring to the boil slowly; put in a dessertspoonful of salt,
and skim very carefully; draw away from the fire, place it where it
will boil steadily, put in 2 dozen white peppercorns, one onion stuck
with six cloves, and a fagot of herbs. This is made with a sprig each
of parsley, marjoram, and thyme, tied up with a bay or peach leaf; boil
steadily for six hours, and strain off.
This is the foundation for the best white soups and sauces; it is also
a very nutritious broth for invalids. The meat can be made hot again in
about half a pint of the stock and served with parsley butter sauce. A
recipe for this is given with the sauces.

Other Recipes

Veal Stock

Chop up three slices of bacon and two pounds of the neck of

veal; place in a stewpan with a pint of water or beef stock, and simmer

for half an hour; then add two quarts of stock, one onion, a carrot, a

bouquet of herbs, four stalks of celery, half a teaspoonful of bruised

whole peppers, and a pinch of nutmeg with a teaspoonful of salt; boil

gently for two hours, removing the scum in the meantime. Strain into an

earthen crock, and when cold remove the fat. A few bones of poultry

added, with an additional quantity of water or stock, will improve it.

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