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Cream one-third cup butter, add one cup powdered sugar. Mix well. Add

one-half cup milk alternately with two scant cups flour, or enough to

make a stiff batter. Spread very thin on a slightly greased tin. Bake in

very slow oven until light brown. Remove from oven and place on top of

stove. Cut and roll in desired shape. These wafers can be flavored with

ginger, sprinkled with chopped nuts or filled with whipped cream and


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Sift one cup of flour and one teaspoon of salt together. Chop in one
tablespoon of butter, and add milk to make a very stiff dough; chop
thoroughly and knead until smooth; make into small balls and roll each
one into a thin wafer. Place in shallow greased and floured pans and
bake in a hot oven until they puff and are brown.
Take an equal quantity of flour, sugar and butter, and mix it well by
rubbing with the hollow of the hands until small grains are formed. Then
add one cup of poppy seed, two eggs, and enough Rhine wine to hold the
dough together. Roll out the dough on a well-floured board, about half a
finger in thickness, cut into any shape desired.

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Take one cup of butter, one cup of sugar, one cup of molasses, half a
cup of cold coffee, with two teaspoons of soda, one teaspoon of ginger,
and flour enough to make a dough stiff enough to roll out thin. Shape
with cutter and bake in quick oven.

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Prepare a batter from the following:
1 cup of sweet milk.
2 eggs.
Pinch of salt.
1 cup of flour, good measure.
Gradually mix the flour with the milk to form a smooth batter, free
from lumps. Add yolks, then the slightly-beaten whites of eggs. Fasten
the long handle to a wafer iron, shaped like a cup or saucer, and
stand it in hot fat, a mixture of 2/3 lard and 1/3 suet, or oil; when
heated, remove at once, and dip quickly into the batter, not allowing
the batter to come over top of the wafer iron. Then return it to the
hot fat, which should cover the wafer iron, and in about 25 or 30
seconds the wafer should be lightly browned, when the wafer may be
easily removed from the iron on to a piece of brown paper to absorb
any fat which may remain. This amount of batter should make about
forty wafers. On these wafers may be served creamed oysters,
vegetables, chicken or fruit. When using the wafers as a foundation on
which to serve fruit, whipped cream is a dainty adjunct. One
teaspoonful of sugar should then be added to the wafer batter. These
wafers may be kept several weeks, when by simply placing them in a hot
oven a minute before serving they will be almost as good as when
freshly cooked. Or the wafers may be served as a fritter by sifting
over them pulverized sugar and cinnamon.

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2 eggs.
1/2 pound butter.
1/2 pound sugar.
1/2 pound flour.
Pinch of salt.
Flavor with lemon essence.
Mix the same as other small cakes. Drop spoonfuls quite a distance
apart on the cold pan or tin on which they are to be baked as the
dough spreads. These are very thin, delicious wafers when baked.

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1/4 pound of butter.
1/4 pound of flour.
1/4 pound of sugar.
2 eggs.
Cream together butter and sugar, add yolks of eggs, beat well, then
add stiffly beaten whites of eggs and flour alternately.
Flavor with essence of vanilla, drop from spoon on to _cold_ iron pan,
not too close together, as the cakes will spread. Bake quickly in a
hot oven until outer edge of cakes have browned.

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10 eggs
3/4 pound sugar.
3/4 pound butter.
1 pound flour.
Mix like ordinary cake. Divide this into three parts. Flavor one part
with vanilla, 1 with chocolate and the other with cinnamon. These
latter will be darker than the first. Place a piece of dough as large
as a small marble in a small hot, well-greased waffle or wafer iron.
Press two sides of iron together, which flattens out cake, and hold by
a long handle over fire, turning it over occasionally until cakes are
baked. The cake, when baked, is a delicious, thin, rich wafer, about
the size of half a common soda cracker. I have never eaten these
Christmas cakes at any place excepting at Aunt Sarah's. The wafer iron
she possessed was brought by her Grandmother from Germany. The waffle
or wafer irons might be obtained in this country.

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Take salted wafers, butter them on one side, and sprinkle thickly with
grated cheese. Place in a dripping pan; put into a warm oven about
fifteen minutes, and serve with meats or salad.

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18 Cinnamon Wafers

One cup of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 4 of flour, 3 eggs, a cup of sweet

milk or, better, sour milk with a teaspoonful of soda dissolved in it.

Spread with a spoon thin on tin sheets either in small cakes or one

large one, which can be cut after baking. When half baked, draw to the

front of the oven and sift granulated sugar mixed with cinnamon over


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Walnut Wafers

Beat two eggs very light and add to them half a pound of brown sugar;

beat again and stir in half a cup of flour with a quarter of a

teaspoonful of baking powder, a third of a teaspoonful of salt and half

a cup of walnut meats slightly chopped. Drop in small spoonfuls on

buttered tins, not too close together, and bake brown. The dough should

not be too thin; try one or two and if too thin add a very little more


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Rice Wafers

Melt a quarter of a pound of butter, and mix it with a pound of rice

flour, a tea-spoonful of salt, and a wine glass of wine. Beat four eggs,

and stir in, together with just cold milk enough to enable you to roll

them out easily. They should be rolled out as thin as possible, cut with

a wine glass into cakes, and baked in a moderate oven, on buttered flat


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