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Walnut Ketchup

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To three pints of the best white wine vinegar put nine Seville oranges

peeled, and let them remain four months. Pound or bruise two hundred

walnuts, just before they are fit for pickling; squeeze out two quarts

of juice, and put it to the vinegar. Tie a quarter of a pound of mace,

the same of cloves, and a quarter of a pound of shalot, in a muslin rag

or bag; put this into the liquor; in about three weeks boil it gently

till reduced one half, and when quite cold bottle it.

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Walnut Ketchup No 1

Take walnuts when they are fit to pickle, beat them in a mortar, press

out the juice through a piece of cloth, let it stand one night, then

pour the liquor from the sediment, and to every pint put one pound of

anchovies; let them boil together till the anchovies are dissolved; then

skim, and to every pint of liquor add an eighth of an ounce of mace, the

same of cloves and Jamaica pepper, half a pint of common vinegar, half a

pound of shalots, with a few heads of garlic, and a little cayenne. Boil

all together till the shalots are tender, and when cold bottle up for


A spoonful of this ketchup put into good melted butter makes an

excellent fish-sauce; it is equally fine in gravy for ducks or


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Walnut Ketchup No 2

Take half a bushel of green walnuts, before the shell is formed, and

grind them in a crab-mill, or beat them in a marble mortar. Squeeze out

the juice, through a coarse cloth, wringing the cloth well to get out

all the juice, and to every gallon put a quart of wine, a quarter of a

pound of anchovies, the same quantity of bay salt, one ounce of

allspice, half an ounce of cloves, two ounces of long pepper, half an

ounce of mace, a little ginger, and horseradish, cut in slices. Boil all

together till reduced to half the quantity; pour it into a pan, when

cold, and bottle it. Cork it tight, and it will be fit for use in three


If you have any pickle left in the jar after the walnuts are used, put

to every gallon two heads of garlic, a quart of red wine, and of cloves,

mace, long, black, and Jamaica pepper, one ounce each; boil them all

together till reduced to half the quantity; pour the liquor into a pan;

bottle it the next day for use, and cork it tight.

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Walnut Ketchup No 3

Pound one hundred walnuts very fine, put them in a glazed pan with a

quart of vinegar; stir them daily for ten days; squeeze them very dry

through a coarse cloth. Boil the liquor, and skim it as long as any

thing will rise; then add spice, ginger, anchovies instead of salt, and

boil it up for use.

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Walnut Ketchup No 4

Take one hundred walnuts, picked in dry weather, and bruise them well in

a mortar. Squeeze out the juice; add a large handful of salt; boil and

skim it well; then put into the juice an equal quantity of white wine

vinegar, or the vinegar in which pickled walnuts have been steeped, a

little red wine, anchovies unwashed, four or five cloves of garlic, as

many blades of mace, two dozen cloves, and a little whole pepper. Boil

it six or seven minutes, and when cold bottle it. If higher spiced the


Other Recipes

Walnut Ketchup No 5

Pound your walnuts; strew some salt upon them, and let them stand a day

or two; strain them; to every pint of juice put half a pound of

anchovies, and boil them in it till they are dissolved. Then strain the

liquor, and to every pint add two drachms of mace, the same quantity of

cloves, some black pepper, one ounce of dried shalots, and a little


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