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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Soak a quart of white peas in water, boil them till soft, in as much
water as will cover them, pass them through a sieve, and add them to
any broth that may be ready, a little piece of _chorissa_ or smoked
beef will improve the flavour; this soup should be served with mint
and fried bread.

Other Recipes

Winter Pea Soup

Take two quarts of old peas, a lettuce, a small bit of savoury, a

handful of spinach, a little parsley, a cucumber, a bit of hock of

bacon; stew all together till tender. Rub the whole through a colander;

add to it some good gravy, and a little cayenne or common pepper. These

quantities will be sufficient for a large terrine. Send it up hot with

fried bread.

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