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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil one ounce of hops in three quarts of water until reduced to about

three pints. Pour it upon one pound of flour; make it into a batter;

strain it through a colander, and, when nearly cold, put to it one pint

of home-brewed yest. Put it into a bottle, and keep it for use. It

should stand twenty-four or thirty hours before it is used.

Other Recipes

Yest Dumplings

A table-spoonful of yest, three handfuls of flour, mix with water and a

little salt. Boil ten minutes in a deep pot, and cover with water when

they rise. The dough to be made about the size of an apple. The quantity

mentioned above will make a dozen of the proper size.

Other Recipes

Excellent Yest

Put a pint of well boiled milk into a hasty-pudding, and beat it till

cold and there are few lumps remaining; then put to it two spoonfuls of

yest and two of white powdered sugar, and stir it well. Put it in a

large bowl not far from the fire, and next morning you will find it

risen and light. Put it all to your flour, which must be mixed with as

much warm milk and water as is necessary to make it into dough, and put

it to rise in the common way.

Other Recipes

Potato Yest

Boil rather more than a quarter of a peck of potatoes; bruise them

through a colander; add half a pound of fine flour, and thin it with

cold water till it is like a thick batter. Add three table-spoonfuls of

good yest; let it stand for an hour, and make your bread.

This yest will always serve to make fresh from.

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