Another Way

Have your carp fresh out of the water; scale and gut them, washing the

blood out of each fish with a little claret; and save that after so

doing. Cut your carp in pieces, and stew in a little fresh butter, a few

blades of mace, winter savory, a little thyme, and three or four onions;

after stewing awhile, take them out, put them by, and fold them up in

linen, till the liquor is ready to receive them again, as the fish would

otherwise be boiled to pieces before the liquor was reduced to a proper

thickness. When you have taken out your fish, put in the claret that you

washed out the blood with, and a pint of beef or mutton gravy,

according to the quantity of your fish, with some salt and the butter in

which you stewed the carp; and when this butter is almost boiled to a

proper thickness put in your fish again; stew all together, and serve it

up. Two spoonfuls of elder vinegar to the liquor when taken up will give

a very agreeable taste.