Baked Indian Pudding

Boil a quart of milk, and turn it on to a pint of sifted Indian meal.

Stir it in well, so as to scald the meal--then mix three table-spoonsful

of wheat flour with a pint of milk. The milk should be stirred

gradually into the flour, so as to have it mix free from lumps. Turn it

on to the Indian meal--mix the whole well together. When the whole is

just lukewarm, beat three eggs with three table-spoonsful of sugar--stir

em into the pudding, together with two tea-spoonsful of salt, two of

cinnamon, or a grated nutmeg, and a couple of table-spoonsful of melted

butter, or suet chopped fine. Add, if you wish to have the pudding very

rich, half a pound of raisins--they should not be put in till the

pudding has baked five or six minutes. If raisins are put in, an

additional half pint of milk will be required, as they absorb a great

deal of milk. A very good Indian pudding may be made without eggs, if

half a pint more of meal is used, and no flour. It takes three hours to

bake an Indian pudding without eggs--if it has eggs in, it will bake in

much less time.