Leg of Beef--9d.


Total Cost--10d.

The bone in this meat should be chopped small by the butcher. Remove
the marrow from the bones, and cut the meat into small pieces; put all
together into a stock pot or digester, cover well with cold water, and
bring it to the boil; add a dessertspoonful of salt; this will throw up
the scum, which must be carefully removed. When this has been
done put in 2 dozen peppercorns, an onion, and two carrots, draw away
from the fire and let it boil steadily for five or six hours or longer,
then strain off through a colander and stand away in a cool place.
This is the foundation for nearly all good brown soups. The bones
boiled again will make second stock, and the meat does very well for
brawn, a recipe for which is given amongst the meat dishes.