Cut up two pounds of chuck steak; put it on to stew with salt, pepper
and a little nutmeg and the juice of a lemon. Cook a few forcemeat
balls, made very small, and a few potatoes cut in small pieces. Make
ready a crust as follows: Boil four or five large floury potatoes; when
done, strain and mash with salt and pepper, a little chopped parsley and
a little melted fat; mix it with two well-beaten eggs; then put a layer
of it around the bottom and sides of a de
p pie-dish; lay in the stew,
cover with the balance of the potato; brush it over with the yolk of an
egg and bake in a quick oven till brown.
Peel and cook seven or eight large potatoes, place in a bowl, add salt,
four whole eggs, one and one-half tablespoons of melted chicken fat and
a little more than a cup of matzoth meal. Knead in bowl to smooth
consistency. Take a handful at a time, pat smooth and flat, in the
centre put a tablespoon of prune jam, form into a dumpling, place
dumplings in boiling salt water, kettle half covered and allow to cook
twelve to fifteen minutes. Take out with strainer and serve hot. Have
ready a cup of hot melted chicken fat and sugar and cinnamon. Serve over
knoedel to taste.