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A very nice recipe for charlotte russe made with gelatine is as
follows: Use one pint of cream whipped till light, one ounce of
gelatine dissolved in one gill of hot milk, the well beaten whites of
two eggs, one small teacupful of powdered sugar, and any flavoring
preferred. Mix the eggs, sugar and cream together, and then beat in
the dissolved gelatine. The milk should be quite cold before it is
added to the other ingredients. Line a dish with slices of sponge
cake, or with lady fingers, and fill with cream. Set it on ice to

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1 cup water
2 tablespoons jelly
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon cornstarch
Put water into saucepan; bring to a boil; add jelly and sugar; stir
until dissolved; add cornstarch mixed with a little cold water; boil 3

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From MRS. CHARLES PRICE, of North Carolina, Third Vice-President Board
Lady Managers.
One pint rich cream; two eggs; one-quarter ounce of gelatine; sherry
wine. Whip cream, first sweetening with a cup of pulverized sugar,
adding enough sherry to flavor and the yolk of one egg. Whip stiff the
two whites of the eggs. Dissolve gelatine in half a cup of milk. Line
glass dish with slices of sponge cake or lady fingers. Whip all the
ingredients together and pour in dish to congeal.

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From MRS. MARCIA LOUISE GOULD, of Illinois, President State Board and
Lady Manager.
Whip one quart of rich cream to a stiff froth and drain well on a
sieve. To one scant pint of milk add eggs beaten very light. Make very
sweet and flavor with vanilla. Cook over hot water till it is a thick
custard. Soak one full ounce of Cox's gelatine in a _little_ cold
water; warm over hot water. When the custard is _very_ cold, beat
in lightly the gelatine and the whipped cream. Line the bottom of your
mould with buttered paper, the sides with sponge cake or lady fingers,
fastened together with the white of an egg. Fill with the cream and
put in a cold place, in the summer on the ice. To turn out, dip the
mold for a moment in _hot_ water.

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From MRS. SUSAN W. BALL, of Indiana, Alternate Lady Manager.
One-half box gelatine, put to soak in one-half pint of milk for an
hour. Take one-half pint of milk and yolks of two eggs and make a
custard, sweeten and flavor to taste; when thick enough, stir in the
gelatine until cool. Take one quart rich cream, flavored with wine;
sweeten and whip; two dozen lady fingers, soaked in wine; line a bowl
with them. When the custard is cold, stir the cream in it, continuing
to stir until it begins to harden; then pour into bowl. If the cream
is not very rich, add the whites of two eggs.

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Charlotte Russe


To make the jelly for bottom of mould one half a package of gelatine

soaked in a little over a tumbler of water, sugar to taste, one half a

small cup of cooking wine and enough cochineal to color. Let this stand

until stiff. One pint of sweet cream, one half a box of gelatine

dissolved, wine to taste, one teaspoon of vanilla, a little over half a

cup of sugar: whip cream stiff, then add sugar, wine, vanilla and lastly

the gelatine. Beat well together and pour into your mould lined with

ladies fingers and jelly.

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Charlotte Russe Cake


One cup of flour, one cup of sugar, three eggs, two teaspoons baking

powder, three tablespoons boiling water. Bake same as sandwich cake.

THE FILLING.--One large cup of cream, one fourth package gelatine,

dissolved in a little milk; whip cream to a stiff froth, then add

gelatine, sugar, flavoring to taste. Ice the top.

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Mock Charlotte Russe

One round tablespoonful cornstarch, moisten in cold water. Pour over

one-half pint of boiling water, boil one minute, add one-half cup sugar

and pour while hot over the well-beaten whites of three eggs. Add a

teaspoonful vanilla and turn into a mold to harden. Make a sauce from

the three yolks of the eggs beaten with four tablespoonfuls sugar and

one pint of scalded milk cooked together for a moment, but not allowed

to boil, or it will curdle.

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Charlotte Russe Sponge Cake

One cup sugar, four eggs, four tablespoonfuls water, one and one-half

cup flour, one teaspoonful baking powder, flavor to taste.


One-half pint cream flavor and add a pinch of gelatine dissolved in hot

water. You may use two and one-half times recipe.

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Charlotte Russe

1 pint cream, whipped light, 1/2 ounce gelatine dissolved in 1 gill of

hot milk, whites of 2 eggs beaten to a stiff froth, 1 small teacup of

powdered sugar. Flavor with vanilla or little almond. Mix together the

cream, eggs, sugar and flavoring, and beat in the gelatine and milk when

quite cold. Line a mold with slices of sponge cake or lady fingers, and

fill with the mixture. Set upon the ice to cool.

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Charlotte Russe

Line a plain mould at the bottom and sides with sponge finger-biscuits,

fill it with strawberry cream, or cream made as directed in the several

recipes. If the weather is warm it will be necessary to place the

Charlotte on ice for an hour or two, but in the winter it will turn out

without this. The biscuits for a Charlotte Russe should be made quite

straight, and in arranging them in the mould they should lap slightly

one over the other.

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