Chicken Supréme Recipe

Pieces of cold-roasted chicken, turkey or duck may be used for making
terrapin or à la Newburg. Cut the meat into pieces of fairly good size;
measure, and to each pint of this allow a half pint of sauce; rub together
two tablespoonfuls of butter and one of flour. Rub to a smooth paste the
hard boiled yolks of three eggs; add to the butter and flour a gill and a
half (three-quarters of a cup) of milk; stir until smoking hot. Do not
let the mixture boil; then add this a little at a time to the yolks of the
eggs, rubbing until you have a perfectly smooth golden sauce; press this
through a sieve. Before beginning the sauce, sprinkle the chicken with
four tablespoonfuls of sherry or Madeira, the latter preferable. Add the
chicken to the sauce, stir until each piece is thoroughly covered; add a
half teaspoonful of salt, just a drop of extract of nutmeg or a grating of
nutmeg, an eighth of a spoon of white pepper (black pepper, of course, may
be used); cover and stand over hot water, stirring occasionally until the
mixture is smoking hot.



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