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Clam Chowder I

(Soups And Chowders) - (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)

Have one hundred clams still in the shell. Boil them in a quart of
water until the shells open. Take the clams out of the kettle, saving
the water in which they were boiled. Remove them from the shells,
discarding all but the soft part. Take six slices of salt pork and cut
into dice. Fry until crisp and a light brown. Remove from the saucepan
and in the fat fry four onions sliced. Then add the water strained
from the clams and the fried pork. To this add six potatoes cut in
small pieces and two green peppers chopped or finely sliced. Boil
the mixture fifteen minutes before putting in the clams and four sea
biscuits, broken into pieces. Then boil for fifteen minutes longer and
add a quart of milk. Have half a cup of bread crumbs rubbed into four
ounces of butter. Stir this in as the chowder heats after the milk has
been added. When it boils, it is ready to serve.

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Clam Chowder II

In a saucepan fry two slices of salt pork and when brown, add four
potatoes and four onions cut up. Fry ten minutes and add three pints
of water, salt and pepper. Boil for half an hour. Then add one quart
of clams from which the tough portions have been removed. Also two sea
biscuits which have been soaked until they are soft. Cook ten minutes.
For this recipe, canned clams may be used.

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