Compote Of Damsons

Wipe one quart of sound, ripe damsons, (cost ten

cents,) with a clean, dry cloth, drop them, one by one into the

following syrup: make a syrup by melting one pound of loaf sugar (cost

fifteen cents,) with one pint of water, stir in the white of an egg,

(cost one cent,) and boil the syrup fifteen minutes, skimming it clear.

Simmer the plums in this syrup until they are tender, about five

minutes, but do not let them break; take the plums up carefully and

arrange them in a heap on a shallow dish, letting the syrup boil about

ten minutes, until it is quite thick; then remove it from the fire, cool

it a little, and pour it over the plums. The dish will cost about

twenty-five cents.