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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Boil 1 pint of sweet milk and add to it, stirring constantly, the
following mixture: Two tablespoonfuls corn starch, mixed with a little
water before boiling, 1 cup of sugar and 1 well-beaten egg. Allow all
to cook a few minutes in a double boiler about 15 minutes. Split the
sponge cakes when baked and put custard between when cooled.

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This is a very innocent and nutritive custard. Take two ounces of
whole rice and boil it in three pints of milk until it thickens, then
add half a pound of pounded sweet almonds, and sweeten to taste; a
stick of cinnamon and a piece of lemon peel should be boiled in it,
and then taken out.

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To one desert spoonful of flour, add one pint of fresh milk and the
yolks of five eggs; flavor according to fancy, with sugar, nutmeg, or
lemon-peel; beat to a froth two whites of eggs and pour to the rest;
boil rather more than half an hour.

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Take a pint of milk, let it simmer in a very clean saucepan, flavor
it with lemon-peel and a bay leaf, and sweeten to taste; while gently
boiling, add the beaten yolks of four eggs, and the whites of two,
continue stirring until the custard thickens, when it must be removed
from the fire, but it is requisite to stir it until it cools. It is
necessary to strain the milk before the eggs are added, and also to
pass the eggs through a sieve. Custards are flavoured sometimes
with essence of almonds; a little cream added to the milk is a great
improvement. The above mixture may be baked in small cups; they
require a quarter of an hour to bake.

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Beat slightly the yolks of two eggs, add two tablespoons of milk and a
few grains of salt. Pour into small buttered cup, place in pan of hot
water and bake until firm; cool, remove from cup and cut in fancy shapes
with French vegetable cutters.

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Simmer for fifteen minutes in a covered saucepan four cups chopped
tomatoes, four eggs, one sliced onion, one bay leaf, and sprig of
parsley. Strain and if there be not two cups of liquid, add water. Beat
four eggs and add to liquid. Pour into greased baking cups, and stand
them in a pan of water and bake until firm--about fifteen minutes. Turn
out and serve with cream sauce containing green peas.

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Line your pie-plates with a rich crust. Slice apples thin, half fill
your plates and pour over them a custard made of four eggs and two cups
of milk, sweetened and seasoned to taste.

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Line the pie-plate with a rich crust. Beat up four eggs light with
one-half cup of sugar, a pinch of salt, one pint of milk and grated
nutmeg or grated lemon peel, and pour in shell and bake in slow oven.

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Take two cups of milk, two eggs or the yolks of three eggs, two
tablespoons of sugar and one-half teaspoon of vanilla. Put the milk on
to heat in a double boiler. Beat the eggs thoroughly with the sugar;
into them pour the hot milk, stirring to prevent lumps. Return all to
the double boiler and cook until the custard coats the spoon, but no
longer. If the mixture should curdle, set the boiler in a pan of cold
water and beat with a wire egg-beater until smooth. When the steam
passes off add the vanilla, or other flavoring.
In the winter, when eggs are expensive, the custard may be made with one
egg and one heaping teaspoon of cornstarch dissolved in a little cold
If desired, the whites of the eggs may be beaten separately and added to
the custard after it is cold or beaten with sugar into a meringue.

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Melt one-half cup of sugar until it is light brown in color, add four
cups of scalded milk. Beat the eggs, add the milk and sugar, one-quarter
teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of vanilla and bake in cups as directed
for cup custard. Serve with caramel sauce.

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Stir until quite light four eggs, yolks and whites, and four tablespoons
of sugar; have ready four cups of scalded milk; mix, add pinch of salt
and one teaspoon of good vanilla; pour into cups and place cups into pan
of boiling water. Put into oven and bake exactly twenty-five minutes.

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