Make a thick syrup by dissolving one pound of sugar in one-half pint of
water over the fire, adding one ounce of pounded almonds while the syrup
is clarifying. Take the saucepan off the fire and when the contents have
become moderately cool stir in carefully the well-beaten yolks of twenty
eggs. It will need rather prolonged stirring to blend the eggs with the
syrup. Now flavor with vanilla or wine and cook over a slow fire,
stirring constantly and taking grea
care that the mixture does not
Take black radishes, clean and cut them in strips. Weigh, and to three
pounds of radishes take one pound of honey and one and one-half pounds
of sugar. Set the radishes on to boil with water, pour off this water,
add fresh water and let cook awhile; pour off the second water, add the
honey to radishes and let cook well. Then add the sugar and let cook
again. When the radishes begin to get brown add one-quarter pound of
white ginger, and some walnuts broken into quarters. Stir. When brown,
remove from stove. Must come out of the pan dry; no syrup must remain.