Hard-boil eight eggs. Remove the shells, cut eggs crosswise in rather
thick slices. Cut three small onions into very thin slices. Separate
them into rings, cover them with boiling water and boil rapidly ten
minutes; drain, then cover them with fresh water and boil until they
are tender; drain again, but save the water. Now mix the eggs and
onions carefully, without breaking. Put two level tablespoonfuls of
butter and two of flour into a saucepan. Mix. Add a grating of nutmeg,
a saltspoonful of black pepper, the juice of a lemon, and a half-pint
of the water in which the onions were boiled. Bring to the boiling
point, add two tablespoonfuls of cream; then add the eggs and onions.
When thoroughly hot, dish them in a conical form, garnish with
triangular pieces of toast, and serve.