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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut large, sound tomatoes in halves and flour the insides thickly.
Season with a little salt and pepper. Allow the butter to get very hot
before putting in the tomatoes. When brown on one side, turn, and when
done serve with hot cream or thicken some milk and pour over the
tomatoes hot.

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Cut large, solid, ripe tomatoes in half-inch slices; one ordinary
tomato makes 3 slices. Dredge thickly with flour. Fry several slices
of bacon in an iron pan, take bacon from pan when fried and put in
warming oven. Lay the well-floured slices of tomatoes in hot bacon fat
and one tablespoon of butter and fry brown on both sides. Serve on hot
platter with bacon. Or fry slices of well floured tomato in pan
containing just enough butter and drippings to keep them from sticking
to the bottom of pan, over a hot fire. Fry quickly, browning on each
side. Season with salt and pepper. If the tomatoes are very sour,
sprinkle a _very little_ sugar over them before frying. When brown,
lift the tomatoes carefully from pan and place in a circle around the
inside edge of a warm chop plate, add a lump of butter to the pan and
a small half cup of sweet milk. Let come to a boil, thicken with a
little flour mixed smoothly with a little cold milk, and cook until
the consistency of thick cream. Season with salt and pour in centre of
chop plate, surrounded with fried slices of tomatoes. Dust pepper over
top and serve hot.
This is a delicious way of serving tomatoes. Or slices of the fried
tomatoes may be served on slices of crisply toasted bread over which
place a couple tablespoons of the cream dressing.

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1 doz. Tomatoes--4d.

1 gill Milk

1 oz. Butter

Pepper and Salt--1 1/2d.

Total Cost--51/2 d.

Time--10 Minutes.

Slice up the tomatoes, mix a spoonful of flour with some pepper and
salt; dip in the slices and fry quickly, pile on a dish. Pour the milk
into the pan in which they were fried, stir until it boils, and pour
over. Garnish with fried bread and serve hot.

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Fried Tomatoes

Do not pare the tomatoes, cut in slices, roll in flour and fry in butter

until both sides are brown, season with salt, pepper and a little sugar

sprinkled over while cooking; or after the tomatoes are browned, stir

into the gravy in the spider, one cupful of cream thickened with flour.

Let it boil up, and turn it over the tomatoes.

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