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(Poultry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Heart, liver and gizzard constitute the giblets, and to these the neck
is usually added. Wash them; put them in cold water and cook until
tender. This will take several hours. Serve with the chicken; or mash
the liver, mince the heart and gizzard and add them to the brown sauce.
Save the stock in which they are cooked for making the sauce.

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Scald one or more sets of giblets, set them on the fire with a little
veal or chicken, or both, in a good gravy; season to taste, thicken
the gravy, and color it with browning, flavor with mushroom powder
and lemon-juice and one glass of white wine; forcemeat balls should
be added a few minutes before serving, and garnish with thin slices of
hard boiled eggs.

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Risotto With Chicken Giblets

(Risotto alla Milanese II)

The broth for this risotto may be made by cooking together the giblets,

neck and tips of wings of a chicken which is to be roasted, or it may be

made from the left-overs of roast fowl.

Boil the rice until it is about half done in salted water. Then let the

water cook away and begin adding the broth, in such quantity that the

rice will be nearly dry when it is tender. Fry one chopped onion in the

oil or fat. Some mushrooms cut up small are a very good addition to this

"Soffritto". Mince the chicken giblets and add to the onion. Stir the

mixture into the rice. Add grated cheese and a beaten egg just as the

rice is taken from the fire.

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Rice Pudding With Giblets

(Sfornato di riso con rigoglie)

Make a good brown stock (see No. 13) and use the same for the rice as

well as for the giblets. To these add some thin slices of ham and brown

them first in butter, seasoned moderately with salt and pepper,

completing the cooking with brown stock. A taste of mushrooms will be

found useful.

Brown the rice equally in butter, then complete the cooking with hot

water. Drain and put the brown stock, adding grated cheese and two

beaten eggs, when the rice has cooled a little.

Take a smooth mold, round or oval, grease it evenly with butter, cover

the bottom with buttered paper and place in it the rice to harden it in

the oven. When taken from the mold pour over the gravy from the

giblets, slightly thickened with a pinch of flour and serve with the

giblets around, seeing that there is plenty of gravy for them.

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Giblets And Rice

Boil 2 or 3 strings of chicken giblets (about 1 pound) until quite

tender, drain, trim from bones and gristle and set aside.

Boil one cup rice in one quart water for fifteen minutes. Drain, put in

double boiler with broth from giblets and let boil 1 hour. Brown 1

tablespoon flour in 1 tablespoon butter and 1 teaspoon sugar, add 1

chopped onion, and boiling water until smooth and creamy, then add some

bits of chopped pickles or olives, salt, pepper, teaspoonful of vinegar

and lastly giblets, cover and let simmer for twenty minutes. Put rice

into a chop dish, serve giblets in the center. May be garnished with

tomato sauce or creamed mushrooms or pimentos.

For a man seldom thinks with more earnestness of

anything than he does of his dinner.

Sam'l Johnson.

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