Grape sherbet was made in this manner: The grapes were washed, picked
from the stems and placed in a stew-pan over the fire. When hot remove
from the fire and mash with a potato-masher and strain through a jelly
bag, as if preparing to make jelly. Boil together 1 pound of
granulated sugar and 1 quart of water, about 12 minutes. While hot add
1 pint of grape juice and 1 teaspoonful of granulated gelatine, which
had been dissolved in a very little cold water, to the hot syrup. When
the mixture was partly frozen add the stiffly beaten white of 1 egg
and 1 tablespoonful of pulverized sugar, beaten together. All were
stirred together, covered and stood away until cold. Then placed in a
freezer, iced as for ice cream, and frozen in the same manner as for
cherry sherbet. The juice of all berries or fruits may be extracted in
the same manner as that of grapes.