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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take about three quarts of any strong stock, seasoned with a bunch of
sweet herbs, a carrot, turnip, and a head of celery, which must not
be served in the soup. Vermicelli, maccaroni, or thin slices of carrot
and small sippets of fried bread cut in fancy shapes, are usually
served in this soup.

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Gravy Soup No 1

Put two pounds of gravy beef, cut in small pieces, with pepper, salt,

some whole pepper, and a piece of butter, the size of a walnut, into a

stewpan. When drawn to a good gravy, pour in three quarts of boiling

water; add some mace, four heads of celery, one carrot, and three or

four onions. Let them stew gently about an hour and a half; then strain;

add an ounce and half of vermicelli, and let it stew about ten minutes


Other Recipes

Gravy Soup No 2

Take two ox melts, cut them in pieces, season them with pepper and salt,

and dredge them with flour. Shred two large onions, fry them of a nice

brown colour, put them at the bottom of the saucepan with a piece of

butter. Take one ox rump, stew it with carrots and celery and twelve

allspice. Then put all together and strain well. This quantity will make

three quarts. You may send the ox rump to table in the soup, if

approved. Two carrots and two heads of celery will be sufficient.

Other Recipes

Gravy Soup No 3

Cut the lean part of a shin of beef, the same of a knuckle of veal, and

set the bones of both on the fire, in two gallons of water, to make

broth. Put the meat in a stewpan; add some lean bacon or ham, one

carrot, two turnips, two heads of celery, two large onions, a bunch of

sweet herbs, some whole pepper, two race of ginger, six cloves. Set

these over the fire, let it draw till all the gravy is dried up to a

nice brown; then add the broth that is made with the bones. Let it boil

slowly four or five hours. Make the soup the day before you want to use

it, that you may take the fat clean from the top, also the sediment from

the bottom. Have ready some turnips, carrots, and cabbage lettuces, cut

small, and one pint of young peas; add these to your soup; let it boil

one hour, and it will be ready, with salt to your taste.

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