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(Receipts For Invalids.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Parboil three quarters of a pound of Jordan almonds, and one quarter
of bitter almonds, remove the skins and beat them up to a paste, with
three quarters of a pound of white pounded sugar, add to this six
yolks of beaten eggs, and one quart of boiled cream, stir the whole
for a few minutes over a stove fire, strain it, and pour it into
a freezing pot, used for making ices; it should be worked with a
scraper, as it becomes set by freezing; when frozen sufficiently
firm, fill a mould with it, cover it with the lid, and let it remain
immersed in rough ice until the time for serving.

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Portugal Iced Pudding.

Beat 3 yolks of eggs with 1 cup of milk, a Salt-spoonful of salt, 1
tablespoonful of olive-oil and 1 tablespoonful of sugar. Mix with 1/2
cup of flour and the beaten whites of the eggs. Fry until light brown.
Serve with cooked fruit.

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