Journey Or Johnny Cakes

Scald a quart of sifted Indian meal with sufficient water to make it a

very thick batter. Stir in two or three tea-spoonsful of salt--mould it

with the hand into small cakes. In order to mould them up, it will be

necessary to rub a good deal of flour on the hands, to prevent their

sticking. Fry them in nearly fat enough to cover them. When brown on the

under side, they should be turned. It takes about twenty minutes to cook

them. When cooked, split and butter them. Another way of making them,

which is nice, is to scald the Indian meal, and put in saleratus,

dissolved in milk and salt, in the proportion of a tea-spoonful of each

to a quart of meal. Add two or three table-spoonsful of wheat flour,

and drop the batter by the large spoonful into a frying pan. The batter

should be of a very thick consistency, and there should be just fat

enough in the frying pan to prevent the cakes sticking to it.