Lobster Salad

Boil a cauliflower, pull it in pieces, and put it in a dish with a

little pepper, salt, and vinegar. Have four or five hard-boiled eggs,

boiled beet-root, small salad, and some anchovies, nicely cleaned and

cut in lengths. Put a layer of small salad at the bottom of the dish,

then a layer of the cauliflower, then the eggs cut in slices, then the

beet, and so on. Take the claws and tail of the lobster, cut as whole as

possible, and trim, to be laid on the top. The trimmings and what you

can get out may be put in at the time you are laying the cauliflower,

&c. in the dish. Make a rich salad sauce with a little elder vinegar in

it, and pour it over. Lay the tails and claws on the top, and cross the

shreds of the anchovies over them.