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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wash and look over one pint of mushrooms carefully, put them in an
earthen jar with alternate layers of salt. Let stand for twenty-four
hours in a comparatively warm place; put through a fruit press and add
one-fourth ounce of green ginger root cut in small pieces. Measure the
mushroom liquor; to one pint of liquor add one-half ounce of peppercorn
and simmer for forty minutes; then add one-fourth ounce of allspice and
of cloves and one blade of mace and boil for fifteen minutes. Take from
fire and cool. Strain through a cloth, bottle and seal.

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Mushroom Catsup

Boil one peck of mushrooms fifteen minutes in half a pint of water,

strain, or not, through a sieve to get all the pulp; add a pint of

vinegar to the juice, two tablespoonfuls of salt, one half a teaspoonful

of cayenne pepper, two tablespoonfuls of mustard, one of cinnamon and

one of cloves. Let the mixture boil twenty minutes; bottle and seal


Other Recipes

Mushroom Catsup

Put a layer of fresh mushrooms in a deep dish, sprinkle a little salt

over them, then put in another layer of fresh mushrooms, and salt, and

so on till you get in all the mushrooms. Let them remain several

days--then mash them fine, and to each quart put a table spoonful of

vinegar, half a tea spoonful of black pepper, and a quarter of a tea

spoonful of cloves--turn it into a stone jar, set the jar in a pot of

boiling water, and let it boil two hours, then strain it without

squeezing the mushrooms. Boil the juice a quarter of an hour, skim it

well, let it stand a few hours to settle, then turn it off carefully

through a sieve, bottle and cork it tight. Keep it in a cool place.

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