When peanuts have been blanched, are cold, dry and crisp, run them
through a food chopper. Do not use the _very finest_ cutter, as that
makes a soft mass. Or they may be crushed with a rolling pin. Season
with salt, spread on thinly-sliced, buttered bread. They make
excellent sandwiches. Or run peanuts through food chopper which has an
extra fine cutter especially for this purpose. The peanuts are then a
thick, creamy mass. Thin this with a small quantity of olive oil, or
melted butter, if preferred. Season with salt and you have "peanut
butter," which, spread on slices of buttered bread, makes a delicious
sandwich, and may frequently take the place of meat sandwiches. Nuts,
when added to salads, bread or cake, add to their food value.