Pickled Shad

In season fine large shad can be bought for twenty-five

cents, and each one will be enough for two hearty meals. Thoroughly

clean a fresh shad; cut it in pieces about three inches square, lay it

in a deep baking dish, or earthen crock, seasoning it well with two

tablespoonfuls of salt, one level teaspoonful of pepper, one dozen whole

cloves, two bay-leaves broken, and a bit of lemon or orange peel, if you

have it; pour over it enough vinegar to cover it, tie an oiled or

buttered paper over the top of the dish or crock, and bake the shad five

hours in a moderate oven. The action of the pickle will be to entirely

soften the bones of the fish, so that every part of it will be eatable.

One half of it will cost about fifteen cents; and with the addition of

five cents' worth of bread or potatoes, will make a hearty dinner for

twenty cents.