Picnic Sandwiches Recipe

Take the ordinary French rolls; make a round opening in the top of

each, and then, with your finger, scoop out all the crumb, leaving the

roll in shape with a very small opening on top. Save the little piece of

crust from the top of the opening. Mix together four olives, one

gherkin, a tablespoonful of capers and one large green, sweet pepper,

chopped very fine. Chop fine two ounces of tongue, and mix it with the

white meat of one chicken, chopped fine. Mix together, and moisten with

a well-made mayonnaise dressing. Fill this into the roll, put on the

top, and arrange neatly on a napkin in a wicker basket; serve at once.

The rolls may be prepared and the mixture made some time before serving,

but the two should be put together at the last moment.



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