Raisin Wine No 1

Take one hundred weight of raisins, of the Smyrna sort, and put them

into a tub with fourteen gallons of spring water. Let them stand covered

for twenty-one days, stirring them twice every day. Strain the liquor

through a hair-bag from the raisins, which must be well pressed to get

out the juice; turn it into a vessel, and let it remain four months;

then bung it up close, and make a vent-hole, which must be frequently

opened, and left so for a day together. When it is of an agreeable

sweetness, rack it off into a fresh cask, and put to it one gallon of

British brandy, and, if you think it necessary, a little isinglass to

fine it. Let it then stand one month, and it will be fit to bottle; but

the longer it remains in the cask the better it will be.