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(Sandwiches) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pour boiling water on the almonds; cool and remove the skins; dry
thoroughly and brown in a hot oven, using a half tablespoon of butter or
olive oil (preferably the oil) to each cup of nuts, which must be shaken
frequently. When brown, sprinkle well with salt and spread on paper to
dry and cool.
A still easier way to prepare the nuts is to cook them over the fire,
using a larger quantity of olive oil. As the oil can be saved and used
again, this method is not necessarily extravagant.
Bread should be twenty-four hours old and cut in thin, even slices. If
fancy forms are desired, shape before spreading with butter. Cream
butter and spread evenly.

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Blanch 2 pounds of shelled almonds or peanuts (the peanuts, of course,
have been well roasted) by pouring 1 quart of boiling water over them.
Allow them to stand a short time. Drain and pour cold water over them,
when the skin may be easily removed. Place in a cool oven until dry
and crisp. Put a small quantity of butter into a pan. When hot, throw
in the nuts and stir for a few minutes, sprinkle a little salt over.
Many young cooks do not know that salted peanuts are almost equally
as good as salted almonds and cheaper. Peanuts should always be
freshly roasted and crisp.

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2 cups sugar
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon lemon or vanilla extract
1 cup hickory nut meats
Boil sugar and water without stirring until thick enough to spin a
thread; place saucepan in cold water; add flavoring and stir quickly
until white; stir in nuts; turn into flat buttered tin; when cold cut
into squares.

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Salted Almonds


Blanch, put into a baking pan, and to each pound allow a tablespoonful

of butter, stand them in the oven, watch and shake until all are nicely

browned; take out and lift carefully from the grease, dust thickly with

salt, and put in a cool place at once.

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Salted Almonds

First shell, then pour boiling water over them, remove skins, put in

baking-pan with small pieces of butter, stir frequently with spoon, just

before brown, sprinkle with salt, and when brown remove from oven.

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Salted Almonds With Oil

First blanch the almonds, then throw them, a few at a time, into a

sauce-pan of boiling sweet-oil; as soon as brown enough, take them out

and put them on brown paper to absorb the surplus oil; sprinkle with


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