Remove skin. Place legs, neck and skin of neck of geschundene goose (fat
goose) to one side. Scrape the meat carefully from the bones, neck,
back, etc., of the goose, remove all tendons and tissues and chop very
fine. Fill this in the skin of the neck and sew up with coarse thread on
both ends. Rub the filled neck, the legs and the breast with plenty of
garlic (sprinkle with three-eighths pound of salt and one tablespoon of
sugar and one teaspoon of saltpetre), and enough water to form a brine.
Place the neck, legs and breast in a stone jar, cover with a cloth and
put weights on top. Put aside for seven days, turn once in a while. Take
out of the brine, cover with gauze and send to the butcher to smoke.
When done, serve cold, sliced thin.