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(Candies And Sweets) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Make a cut the entire length of dates and remove stones. Fill cavities
with English walnuts, blanched almonds, pecans or with a mixture of
chopped nuts, and shape in original form. Roll in granulated sugar or
powdered sugar and serve on small plate or bonbon dish.
Remove the stones from choice dates, and chop together equal measures of
preserved ginger and blanched nuts chopped, (hickory, pecan, or
almond). Mix with fondant or a paste of confectioner's sugar and ginger
syrup. Use only enough fondant or paste to hold the ingredients
together. With this mixture fill the open space in the dates, cover
securely, and roll in granulated sugar.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Dates

Wash the dates as in the other recipes, drain in a colander and shake

from time to time until they are dry. Stone them and fill with blanched

almonds, or chopped nuts or cocoanut grated.

Other Recipes

Stuffed Dates

Remove the stones from a pound of fine dates, (cost ten

cents,) by cutting them open at one side; remove the shells and skins

from half a pound of almonds, (cost ten cents;) the skins can easily be

rubbed off by first pouring boiling water on the almond kernels; replace

the date-stones with the almonds, and arrange the dates neatly on a

shallow dish; dust a little powdered sugar over them, and keep them in a

cool, dry place till ready to use. The dish will cost twenty-three


Other Recipes

Stuffed Dates

Stuffed dates are a most wholesome sweet, and quickly made, too. The

dates must first be picked apart, washed in warm water and dried in an

old napkin. Remove the seed from each with a sharp knife, slip a nut in

its place, press together, and sift over with granulated sugar. Leave

standing a while on oiled paper to become firm. They are nice served at

the end of a dinner, with the dessert and coffee.

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