To Make Peach-chips

Pare the Peaches, and cut them in thin Chips; to four Pound of Chips

put three Pound and a Half of fine beaten Sugar; let the Sugar and

Chips lye a little while, 'till the Sugar is well melted, then boil

them fast 'till they are clear; about half an Hour will do them

enough; set them by 'till the next Day, then scald them very well

two Days, and lay them on earthen Plates in a Stove; sift on them

fine Sugar, through a Lawn Sieve; turn them every Day, sifting them

'till almost dry; then lay them on a Sieve a Day or two more in the

Stove: Lay them in a Box close together, and when they have lain so

a Week, pick them asunder, that they may not be in Lumps.