To Make Pomegranate Clear-cakes

Make a strong Pippin-Jelly, and slice a Lemmon into it, Rind and

all; boil it well, and run it thro' the Jelly-bag again; then colour

it as you like it: To a Pint of the Jelly take half a Quarter of

Orange-Syrup, made as for Orange Clear-Cakes; let it have a Boil

together, and boil a Pound and a Half of Sugar to a Candy; put your

Jelly to the Candy, a little at a Time, 'till the Sugar has done

boiling, then put in all the rest; scald it 'till the Candy is well

melted, fill it in Pots, and dry it as other Clear-Cakes.

The Colour is made thus: Take as much Carmine as you can have for

Half-a-Crown, put to it two Ounces of Sugar, and as much Water as

will wet it; give it a Boil, and then colour your Jelly with it.