To Make Quince Clear-cakes

Pare, quarter, and boil the Quince with as much Water as will cover

it, putting in a little more as it boils, but not too much; let it

be a very strong Jelly, and run it through a Jelly-bag; put a Pound

and a Half of the finest sifted Sugar to a Pint of Jelly; let the

Jelly boil, then put in the Sugar, and let it scald 'till the Sugar

is melted; then put it through a Strainer, laid in a broad Earthen

Pan; fill it in little Pots, and when it is hard candy'd, turn it on

Glasses as other Clear-Cakes: Colour the Jelly, if you wou'd have

any Red Quince Clear-Cakes, with the Jelly of black Bullace, and let

it boil after the Red is in, before you put in the Sugar.