To Make Quince-paste

Pare the Quinces, and quarter them; to a Pound of Quince put half a

Pound of Sugar and half a Pint of Water; boil it fast 'till the

Quinces are all to Pieces; then rub it very fine, 'till there be no

Lumps in it, and put to it a Pint of Jelly of Quince, boil'd with as

much Water as will cover them, and run through a Jelly-bag; boil the

Quinces Jelly together, and to a Pint of it put a Pound and a

Quarter of fine Sugar; let it scald, but not boil, 'till the Sugar

is melted; skim it, and put it in the Stove; turn it when it is

candy'd; twice turning will do.