To Make Red Plum Clear-cakes

Take white Pear-Plums, half White and half Black, or if you have no

Black, one third of Damsins, and as much Water as will cover them;

boil them very well; and to a Quart of the Plums put a Quart of

Apple-Jelly; boil them very well together; run it thro' a Jelly-bag;

to a Pint of the Jelly put a Pound and Half of Sugar; let the Jelly

boil, then shake in the Sugar; let it scald, but not boil; put it

thro' a thin Strainer in a broad Pan, to take off the Scum, and put

it in Pots in a Stove: When it is candy'd, turn it as other

Clear-Cakes: You may make it paler or redder, as you best like, with

more or less black Plums.